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Shoyoroll Competitor 19 Q3 black. Shorts, Rash Guard, T-shirts, and Hoodie. Gryffindor red and gold is connected to fire; Slytherin green and silver to water; Hufflepuff yellow and black, representing wheat and soil to earth; and Ravenclaw blue and bronze; sky and eagle feathers to air. Colours like peach and salmon pink are distinctly un-magical, and therefore much favoured by the likes of Aunt Petunia.

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Colours also played their part in the naming of Hagrid and Dumbledore, whose first names are Rubeus red and Albus white respectively. The symbolism of the colours in this context has mystic meaning, representing different stages of the alchemic process which many people associate with a spiritual transformation. Where my two characters were concerned, I named them for the alchemical colours to convey their opposing but complementary natures: red meaning passion or emotion ; white for asceticism; Hagrid being the earthy, warm and physical man, lord of the forest; Dumbledore the spiritual theoretician, brilliant, idealised and somewhat detached.

Each is a necessary counterpoint to the other as Harry seeks father figures in his new world.

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