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Marla Mason the cover of Blood Engines , the first book in the series. Locus Magazine. Retrieved 2 March Archived from the original on 20 May Retrieved March 1, John Scalzi. Retrieved March 2, SF Site. Strange Horizons. The first two chapters are up now. Enjoy the novel! And thanks to everyone who supported me. The Grim Tides Kickstarter is done! Thanks to everyone who donated or spread the word.

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I am so happy to be writing more about Marla, and getting paid for it. And have a nice meal or two as well. Life is good! Last night I crossed 20, words on the first draft of Grim Tides.

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Since it seems likely the whole thing will be written by the time I start serializing it in January, I may update with two chapters a week instead of one, on Mondays and Wednesdays. So the whole thing would be posted over three months or so, instead of six. What do you think? The Kickstarter for Grim Tides ends at a minute before midnight tonight. This is it. Now or never time. But why wait? Please do. This is my baby. I want people to read it. In the Marla Mason books, there are characters who can summon oracles to answer questions, provide direction, and interpret prophetic dreams — all for a price, which varies from the minor to the major, depending on the magnitude of the service rendered.

Busy weekend. Heather took our son to the circus that morning, so when they got back in the afternoon, I gave her a reprieve from parenting, and the boy and I went for a long walk, stopping for ice cream cones and then trekking to Totland in North Berkeley, where he played with appropriate frenzy.

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I realized later that, with the trip to lunch and back, and to Totland and back, I walked seven miles on Saturday. I like walking. We went to the Solano Stroll on Sunday. The kid rode lots of rides, and rode his first pony, and we all ate the sort of food that one generally enjoys in the moment and only later comes to regret — garlic fries, Italian sausage, greasy pizza slices, etc.

I might have to give his Samoan war club a cameo in my next novel.

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This book has my favorite villain ever. But look: life is chaos. We both know that.

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Things will change. She walked barefoot, letting the warm water lap at her feet. Sometimes she thought about walking the entire perimeter of the island, a journey of some miles. The island was shaped something like a barbell, or the number eight, or an infinity symbol, and a better sorcerer could probably come up with some ritual purpose for such a walk, sketching out a symbol of power footstep by footstep It was absurd to feel trapped, she knew.

Why did that sting so much?

Bride of Death (Marla Mason #7)

The office was actually an antiquarian bookshop in Lahaina, not far from the resort where she spent her nights. As a bookshop it was a failure, since it was situated in a bit of hidden space invisible to the eyes of passing tourists and local ordinaries. Because Marla had no interest in the traditional occupations of ordinary private detectives — outing cheating husbands, or doing background checks, or acting as stalker-by-proxy for jealous boyfriends — the bookshop acted as a useful barrier to entry.

The first qualification she required of a client was the ability to find her in this hidden space, which required a certain amount of magical acumen. Unfortunately, no one was looking for her, as far as she could tell. So on this morning, like so many others, Marla sat pretending to go through the motions of a morning at work while secretly brooding over the closed-down avenues of her life.

Rondeau perused the shelves and tried to keep her spirits up. I know I would have noticed this one before. Marla spun her scythe-shaped letter opener around on the wooden counter.

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Not that she had any letters to open. She gestured around the room, with its twelve-foot-high oak bookshelves, its rippled windows of old glass, its dangling brass light fixtures. Something to do with small-scale matter transportation, some attractant associated with empty spaces on the shelves. Rondeau laughed.

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  • He was wearing an aloha shirt patterned with sailboats in an eye-watering combination of reds and pinks and purples and blues. Working in an invisible shop really cuts down on your walk-in trade.