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Arendele Castle, with its chapel, long hallways, library, portrait room, garden and great hall is also the guardian of the Arendelle harbor due to its defensive location. Here Elsa hoped to isolate herself others in an effort to protect them from her powers.

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This icy castle was inspired by an ice hotel in Quebec. It might seem like an ordinary fairy tale castle from a distance. Inside the jealous queen lurks, wandering between her secret mirror chamber home to the Magic Mirror , the Throne Room and Dungeon. Arthur is taught by the mighty magician Merlin during his stay here.

Comparing the Castles Part Two - 17 Animated Disney Amazements

The accommodations are far from perfect, but Merlin makes the most of his tower. Sugar Rush was ruled by King Candy from here and eventually the castle became home to Vanellope von Schweetz. Made from various candies cookies and other sweets, this tasty looking towering palace includes a throne room, the code room — where the game is controlled, and a bizarre version of a dungeon known as a fungeon. Each of these animated palaces have their own role to play the film they are featured.

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Your Email Address. Send Email. All of the bigger ogres where quit funny. There were my favorite characters as a kid.

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DarkDraconar Hobbyist Traditional Artist. You have made these bad guys so great.

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    This is astounding! You made them all look great!

    I personally like seeing Igthorn with his hair so I like this version without the hood. He's not a bad looking guy Seriously, right? And, thanks! Tamishii Hobbyist Traditional Artist. This looks amazing! And yes, Siggy Soggy Shorts is nothing but trouble!

    Zareth - Book 2 of Drekmore Series (Paperback)

    I can't draw the ogres to save my life! I envy you in this area. I can't help thinking that if he'd just tweak his choices a bit differently, he could be a good example of the 'Magnificent Bastard' trope. Ogres are just I dunno If you get their shoulders and hips wide enough in proportion to their head, the rest just sort of follows. Their actual heads aren't as big as you'd think, most of that mass is just snout and jowls.

    Very interesting. Kilo60 Hobbyist Traditional Artist. I love how you drew Igthorn and the Ogres are just amazing. It's incredible work.

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